During Word Feast, there will be five workshops, aimed at developing participants' skills in the crafts of poetry, fiction, memoir writing, and graphic novels. All workshops will take place at the Fredericton Public Library, 12 Carleton St. in downtown Fredericton. More details about how to register coming soon! 

Thursday, September 21 (1 - 3 pm) | Fredericton Public Library, Chickadee Hall | $20

Elena Johnson | Details coming soon!

Friday, September 22 (1 - 3 pm) | Fredericton Public Library | $20

Kathie Goggin | Details coming soon!

Kathie Goggin studied English Literature at UNB and Occupational Therapy at Dalhousie University. These two interests in writing and people have converged into a passion for teaching memoir and life writing. She offers courses and workshops through Extended Learning programs at UNB.

Friday, September 22 (1 - 3 pm) | Fredericton Public Library | $20

Sue Sinclair | Poetry as Locomotion: How Poems Get Around

Poems are kinetic creatures; they offer different paces of experience and feature different ways of moving. Some stride, some gallop, some wiggle, some bounce, some stroll, some reach, some hold very still. You notice different features of the same street if you walk, bike or drive through it; the same is true of the way a poem invites us to make our way through its landscape. In this workshop we will craft poems that explore some of the ways in which poetry can move, and we’ll notice how the pace and style of movement may bear on emotional tone and meaning.  

Registration: Details coming soon!

Sue Sinclair is the author of four previous collections, all of them nominated for regional and/or national awards. In 2012 she was Writer-in-Residence at UNB, and in 2013 she served as the inaugural Critic-in-Residence for CWILA. Sue was raised in Newfoundland and is now based in Fredericton, where she writes, edits and teaches.

Saturday. September 23 (1 - 3 pm) | Fredericton Public Library | $20

Roland Daigle | Details coming soon!

Saturday. September 23 (1 - 3 pm) | Fredericton Public Library | $20

Rebecca Rosenblum | Details coming soon!